Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When doggy dreams become reality


Be still my puppy heart.  I spent all night dreaming of yummy turkey jerky.
I thought the smell was all in my head and now I find out it was in my nose!
After my morning walk I watched momma take a tray out of the oven,
turkey jerky
that smell was not just in my head?
Oh life is good. Life is really good.

Momma, if you don't want to put all that away, just put the tray down somewhere and we will take care of it.  Yea, that's the ticket, we will "take care of it".

Oh? Tasteeee Tuesday?
Simple recipe: place slices of turkey breast on non stick oven tray. turn oven on to 185-200 or lowest setting on your oven. Go to sleep.  When you wake up the magic will have happened. Oh, if you do season anything, go very very light as the flavors intensify in the drying process.

DONE.  Got to go find a paper towel, I drooled a puddle.




bichonpawz said...

What a great post! We are STARVED,!

Tucker The Crestie said...

YUM! I'm going to see if Mom will make US some of that!

Two French Bulldogs said...

We would be dreaming about that stuff too
Benny & Lily