Monday, June 14, 2010

Channeling Rachel Zoe and looking at the Tony Awards

My past posts have included fashion commentaries on the like of:

Emmy's fashions :Ba... nanas & BRUSSELL SPROUTS



and now... of course, I have to channel my Rachel Zoe again and subject my beautiful eyes to the vicious visual assault that purports itself to be fashion. Ehmm In the past, I tried taking the high road. I tried the full implementation of that old adage... "if you can't say something nice..." and ignored the offenders. I had hoped that they could learn from that gentle approach. But nooooooooo...

Since you chose to put yourself on full display , I as the public have a right to comment. If I feel you were a visual assault on good taste, fashion and common sense... I am going to say something here and now. Maybe this will result in a better learning experience for you... so "Ethel, buckle up 'cause this is going to be a bumpy ride".

Brussel sprouts go to:
Katie Holmes... what was that??? Did you recycle? How many burlap bags was that anyway? Uninspired. Common... a let down. You have your own fashion line... right? Hmmm
Aretha. You need a new stylist. Too too too...and head to toe metallics are NOT your friend when you look like R2D2's grandma...Same goes for Linda Lavin and Bernadette Peters...
Jada ... kabuki... is a theater form, NOT a style inspiration!
Cate... you got into the aluminum wrap! Are you full defrosted now or were you headed for the freezer? Eat something, you look ... emaciated!
Ricky Martin... you need to shave. Seriously. I just did not look beyond that face
Jon Micheal Hill... It was a bet you lost, right? Why else would you pair that shirt with that tie?

Just about everyone else. You did fine. BA NANAS to you! Yes Lea you were fantastic. [She needs that reassurance] Scarlett... dab some cover up on that tattoo, it is a bit trashy.

Ok, I am now done.

always in style, white, curly and cute


Mommy, I'm Home said...

HA! Scarlett and her tattoo. Didn't I tell you Friday, nobody wants to see tattoos on you!

silvieon4 said...

Oh I agree... The "allure" of tattoos fades when one considers aging skin... and ensuing distortion. In other words, today's rose is tomorrow's bud... NOT for me.

rocky-dog said...

did you see on the Tony's were mama and my theatre company were mentioned and thanked when Randy Adams accepted the award for best new musical for Memphis. TheatreWorks in PaloAlto is US!!!


silvieon4 said...

Ohh I did see that, but I did not make the connection!!! I am friends with a celebrity!!!Congratulations! Now that you are famous maybe we can renegotiate your terms? Sorry, but I am around lawyers all day long and my thinking just bends that way.