Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Odds, ends and whatnots

First of all, why is it odds and ENDS? Where are the evens? It should be odds and evens. It would make more sense. no?

We are watching momma "working". She calls it working. I can't say she is weeding because what she is pulling out of the ground with a vengeance is not weeds. It is mint. She calls it "THE INVADER". I actually like the smell of the invader. I was going to roll in it, but...that much fury out of momma scared me off. You know, I am a trauma survivor. I once saw momma kill. Yuh. It was awful. It was NO accident. She saw the victim, told it to get out and when it failed to do so, she whacked it dead.

That fly never had a chance.

I think I stayed away from momma for a couple of days after that.

Watching her rip out the mint, reminds me of that incident. Apparently the mint had dared to go into momma's tomatoes and zucchini blossoms and herbs. Not smart. That woman loves her herbs. I guess I do too. My mouth waters when I smell lavender or rosemary or thyme... I think chicken. I think over roasted potatoes.

Well, we are just going to watch her do her thing. Cinnamon mint. Bye. Orange mint. Bye. Chocolate mint. Bye....

Oh she is leaving some. On the other side of the yard. Exiled. Ohhhhh... This is serious.

BTW, Mrs and Mrs Dove are doing fine. Momma even got them a new birdbath. [Can I point out the fact that I DO NOT HAVE MY OWN BATH????]

quietly waiting for the end of the is your garden?
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Mommy, I'm Home said...

Funny you should ask about the garden, 'vie. Yesterday I not only noticed that it's NOT thriving, but I also noticed that someone ate all my bean plants. That someone is either a rabbit or a certain Bichon! Really, I must stick to flower gardening and give up on growing my own food. It's a losing battle every year...

silvieon4 said...

"if" and even if we admit that out client Chica has partaken of the beans, and we beg the court to not take this statement as an admission against interest, but rather as as hypothetical, we note that Chica's action would show that she is making a considerable effort to eat healthy and make wiser choice as her Vet would have advised. But, we admit nothing and plead in the alternative that if she did eat them, it was a wise, healthy choice that should be celebrated and NOT castigated. We do believe the rabbits did it.
Defense rests.

folding my legal briefs. Oh, those don't get folded. never mind.
what do you do with them? Hang them up??? Ohhh file them gotcha.

rocky-dog said...

whoa silvie -- don't get so lawyerly on us! although my big cousin Michael in Chicago just won his first case as a new lawyer. he is pretty happy right now. Our garden is in pretty sad shape -- mama hasn't been paying attention to it. She still has the pepper plants and at least 2 tomato plants she bought that need to be planted. I check them everyday and so far they are still not dead. But she keeps yelling at the regano bush that it's taking over her small veggie patch. I happen to like the smell of regano, but it seems to be best in pizza and pasta sauce. mama already whacked the rosemary bush out of existence. it got too big so mama said she is going to start over. yeah mama, right. . .


silvieon4 said...

Congrats to Micheal. First victory is always magical, then you get to be jaded like momma...and take it out on the poor mint. Momma says she picks her battles. That means she only gets crazy with part of the garden. The gardener gets the rest. It is called sanity.