Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Busy weekend. While burgers and hot dogs and BBQs were going on, in rescue world, things were happening as well. An SOS went out when a young [my age!] Male Bichon was dropped off At Roanoke Animal Control. That was alarming. Instead of dropping him off at The League for Animal Protection which is a no-kill shelter in Fincastle, his former owners left him at Animal Control... GASP... Yes, there is a difference. The long weekend and crowded conditions made this an emergency situation. From Suffolk VA at White Cottage Auntie Robin sounded the alarm and TBFR volunteers brilliantly coordinated the rescue. Someone had to go to Roanoke and get this boy! Dexter III welcome to TBFR! And the news gets better! The volunteers who came to get you out of that place...they will be your forever family!!!! I know!!!! Doing the happy dance. And Dex III, your new forever home... Cool family, you will love them!!! Paws up y'all great job!

Sit down, cause there is more great news! Sweet, beautiful, blind Bichon, Robbie was adopted! He has a great new forever home and a sibling named BoBo! To his new family. What Robbie lacks in vision he more than makes up in love. Auntie Susan, you fostered another success story.

Now, I am looking for the hat trick!!! Look folks, there is one Bichon who has been at White Cottage waiting and waiting [picture me tapping my paw a la Marisa Tomay in my Cousin Vinny] for his forever family. His name is Darby. He is only 2 and he needs his own momma. He needs his own family. This is a very sweet, quiet, loving little boy. Now I know you are out there, so, please... get a move on! Darby is waiting and he he needs you now.He NEEDS to know he is the one for some lucky family. Keep the momentum going! 'vie

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