Thursday, June 17, 2010

My pinkie

This is my pinkie. It is the softest, nicest, cuddliest blankie. It is my size, It is all MINE, and I love it. Now, how do I keep momma from snatching it and de-smelling it? She has this obsession about that. Don't you wish you had your own pinkie too? Wait, maybe you do.
Share a pic!

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Gnomebody said...

Hi 'vie -
I have my own blankie too. Well, Mommy made it for her, but I lay on it all the time. It's light blue fleece with skulls all over it. I have the same problem too, about Mommy wanting to de-smell it. What is up with THAT?!?!

Your friend,
BooDee BooDah Tribe

Honeygo Beasley said...

I have a plaidie.

I am in need of a de-smelling myself, 'vie. A bath is looming ... maybe tomorrow?

I left you a post because I love you more than ever now. You know why!

Your BFF (Bichon Forever Friend),

Mommy, I'm Home said...

Chica has a pinkie too! When we get back from culture camp, I'll have to snap a picture of her on it.

rocky-dog said...

mama makes lots of stuff, so I have a flannel quilt with lots of dog biscuits on the backside in my downstairs bed and a big purple and grey quilt in my upstairs bed. Mama calls it some sort of irish chain thing, but it's not for irish retrievers or anything -- it's just for me! I'll ask mama to take some pictures tonight when we get home


TC said...

Dispatch likes smelly things and to roll, he even got mama to scream NOOOOOO!! this morning when she was helping Daddy do something and Dis was having a good ole roll in the lawn, it was just grass, faked her out good. Mama also just started writing in the 3rd person???