Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rocky dude!

Could you please accept my best happy birthday wishes for you? I know I am late, but lately it seems that I am chasing my tail to no avail. But just in case, you wonder, I ADORE YOU!

So Happy happy birthday from "vie and the whole FAN damily!!!


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rocky-dog said...

Thanks 'vie. I had a great day yesterday. Mama had Bill (the guy who brings the lunch truck to work) make me a special steak taco (without the taco stuff) for lunch. And I didn't have to wear any funny clothes and the guy who has been chasing me around with the big lift thing (mama says it was okay because he was just installing new warehouse lights) is gone. Mama also gave me a tiny bit of pasta and sausage last night in my dinner. I went to bed with a very happy tummy!

Rocky -- who is now 5 years old!