Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pixie Pupdate!

Great news about PIXIE

"Pixie seems to be getting healthier and stronger by the minute!...she is VERY active lately and has actually become a little handful...barely any more lying around sleeping. You would never know she is recovering from surgery..she is into non-stop exploring punctuated by barking for special attention.( Appetite is great also)
Two days ago after much activity she went to sleep on her bed in my workroom- she seemed to be fast asleep so I quickly went outside to talk to my mom about extending the patio for the dogs. I came back in a couple minutes later, checked on Pixie, and she was gone from the bed!...I'm frantically running from room to room yelling," Pixie!!!Pixie!!!" but she is nowhere to be found on the lower level.
I had only shown her the steps upstairs once and she hadn't done too well and I wound up carrying her most of the way, so I really did not think she could possibly have gotten upstairs, but as a last resort I ran upstairs yelling her name and as I'm yelling I notice the front door open about 8 inches (my brother was in the process of carrying things in the house) I glance out the window and there is little Pixie standing at attention with her ears up, in the front yard, hearing her name being called! BTW there are 5 steps leading up to the front door and she had to have gone DOWN them by HERSELF to get out to the front yard!!!
I just about fell over ..I couldn't believe that little stinker could do all those steps on her own and then just mosey on out the door and casually walk DOWN 5 open steps into the front yard! and practically gave me a heart attack...scary, but pretty impressive that she managed it.
Pixie is extremely happy and content and wags her tail constantly. She loves affection, but loves to be independent and do things on her own as well.
I really think Pixie has many many more good years left. She is a little survivor. I think her body was like a dry sponge and it's just soaking up all this nutrition and care and she's now having the life she was meant to have.

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