Thursday, June 24, 2010

sniffing out the RABBIT

In my back yard, a rabbit! I can smell him!!! He WAS here! The rabbit that is... that long eared veggie thief... on his trail.. shhhh ... follow me...

Yes, yes... definitely ON HIS TRAIL. We are going to get him!!!

In the front yard. "Ma'am, I am leaving now. Please don't give me away, I have a family with 8 little ones. I did not know your white fluffies would get THIS upset!!! Bye now..."
hopping away ....

Did you see him? The trail went cold... Smell, smell... smell all the way to the fence post, then ... NOTHING... Hmmmmm

On duty


Mommy, I'm Home said...

We have a couple rabbits that hang out in our front yard and Chica is so oblivious to them that when she goes out she goes off in one corner to do her business and they just stay put watching her. Every now and then, they look at each other, but that's it.

silvieon4 said...

You have never served her braised lapin? Or cassoulet de lapin? That would be rabbit stew. Perhaps that's why. But rabbit is delicious. [stop with face and the ewwws.] LOL it is tasty, sort of like ... chicken