Friday, June 25, 2010

Pippi Goes on a Tear

The Doggie Diaries - Pippi Goes on a Tear

Dalmatian Pipi tears mattress Anna Westhoff

Each week, Ben Westhoff shares the ups and downs of owning Pippi, the one-year-old dalmatian he and his wife Anna adopted as a puppy in late 2009, and the first dog Ben's ever had.

Anna wrote this week's column.

Last week, on Pippi's first birthday, we basked in the glory of her many strides forward. Today, we're focusing on her few steps back.

Our beloved pooch had herself one doozy of a weekend. On Sunday, she managed to unzip and un-stuff her doggy bed. Again. But unlike the three or four times she'd done this before, this time she piled the remains in the middle of the kitchen and peed on them for good measure.

The poor bed -- which I bought just six months ago because it matched her cute spots! -- had to be put out to pasture.

That same day, I found a big, blue replacement dog bed for the affordable price of $24.99. Pippi appeared to love this one, and spent a peaceful night on it. Ben even had a little nap with her there.

But on Tuesday morning, after her romp outdoors and her breakfast, I turned my back for five minutes and Pippi proceeded to rip out the seam of her new bed, unzip it, yank out the stuffing and spread it all over the kitchen. I found her rolling around in the stuffing like Demi Moore rolling in cash in the movie "Indecent Proposal."

The scene was both endearing and infuriating! I wanted to scold, but I had to laugh.

When it comes to "keeping things nice" around Pippi, those feelings of frustration and amusement are constantly battling each other. Pippi seems to sense when something is new or fancy, and her instinct is to "leave her mark" on it, i.e. scuff and/or tear it up. Kitchen towels, dog beds, bikinis (yes, bikinis); our beloved Pippi will not rest until she's had her way with all of them.

Parents of small children often claim: "I can't have anything nice anymore; they destroy everything!" And we know how they feel. We want to hear from you readers. Do any of you pet owners have trouble balancing a rip-roaring pup and your prized possessions? And how weird is it that she demolishes her own bed?

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Dear momma, this should make you appreciate the fact that all I do with my bed is "travel". I move it around, from room to room. I play with it. I LOVE it. But the next time you find yourself whining about where I left my bed... come back and read this.
I love you momma,



Mommy, I'm Home said...

All I have to contend with is Chica occasionally getting in the office trash...

silvieon4 said...

Oh paper trash is my fav!!! Daddy will sometimes throw candy wrappers. Bit of honey... mhhh love that stuff, but they get so possessive about that stuff.