Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sugar daddy my tail...

Bertrande MacLeod
Bertrande MacLeod
Humans are very strange when naming food, Silvie. I knew most of your list but what is 'frogmore stew'? Isn't it bad enough we eat their little legs? And now we want to put more of the poor froggy into a stew???

As for your Sugar Daddy, yes you need a 2-legged kind as opposed to the 1-stick variety.
Blogger rocky-dog said...

um, Silvie, sweetheart (this is Rocky's mama here)I think you need to be brought down gently on this which is why I'm writing and not Rocky! Yes, you found a sugar daddy. Unfortunately it's the wrong kind of sugar daddy. The sugar daddy you found is like a chewie for 2leggeds (trust me it would not be good for you to use as a chewie). I think you need to go look at this link: to see what your mama has been talking about. She may not have wanted you to get embarrassed by what a sugar daddy is all about. Just remember, Rocky and I both send hugs and wags. Rocky's mama

May 19, 2010 12:29 PM

Thank you for taking the time to inform me about this sugar daddy thing. Sniff. I went to wiki.
EWWWWWWWW! Then I called my 2legged sister. She is my go to person in all matters involving momma. We share momma and she has a broader knowledge base on momma.
Also. we have both been "scarred" the same way by momma's odd sense of humor.
Sniff. Dori swears it is not intentional. She says momma oozes "sourcasm". [I have never smelled it on her, but I suppose anything is possible.]

Both Dori and I are offended by that whole "find a sugar daddy" comment. On soooo many many levels. Dori says momma is trying to "Gigi ieze" me. No, I will not waste the time trying to figure that one out. I am not crazy about old movies. I am disappointed. Not in the way you think. I am disappointed that my supposedly liberated, emancipated, modern momma would resort to such a debasing , sexist comment. I don't need no stinking sugar daddy to make my dreams come true. I could never ride in comfort in a car I had to debase myself to get. Dori says I should say that. Whatever debase is- NOT for me. It sounds painful.

So... I am now seeing momma in a whole new light. Dori told me that I should not make a big deal out of this, because frankly, the insurance on that car would leave me without chewies for the rest of my life.

Still... sigh.

On while we on on the soap box. What is wrong with you humans????? I wrote about this before.

60 bizzillion words, the ability to speak... thumbs..., but you are unable to say what you mean and mean what you say!!!!!

Please, stop talking nonsense. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN!

Back to the miniature horse idea. Forget the car... it is still pretty... really shiny, really pretty...

Rocky's momma, Mrs. McLeod thank you for the info. [Gulp you eat frog's legs????] It is not easy being me.



Unknown said...

Oh, 'vie, I'm sorry your bubble had to be burst....

(BTW, I like the horse idea better. It's much kinder to the environment than a yucky oil-sucking sports car...)

rocky-dog said...

Hey "vie, sorry bout that. Mama wouldn't let me answer your original post -- she thought I would be "too neanderthal" -- although I'm not sure what a neanderthal is???? I admit to being a handsome specimen of bichon maleness but I don't think I'm neanderthal????? I've been thinking about this car, pony, transportation thing. How about having your mama get you a really cool scooter or a wagon that your mama or daddy could pull you around in. I myself have been told we only do walkies -- I do not get to lounge in a vehicle if mama thinks we must exercise. I DO have a very cool car seat that mama made for me for when we go on rides. By my mama has told me in no uncertain terms that there will NEVER be a sport car, a horse or pony, a motorcycle, a jet ski or any other powered conveyance in my future. I guess it's a good think I like walkies. Rocky

bichonpawz said...

Our hearts go out to you 'vie! But you would NOT want to go without chewies for the rest of your way!! xoxoxox Chloe and LadyBug (PS...we LOVE your pics!!)