Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Found! One sugar DADDY!!!

I found it!!! I found it!!! I am so very excited! I found a sugar daddy! Soon I will have the car of my dreams!!!!!!!!!!PAGANI ZONDA

Soon I will have a candy apple red Pagani Zonda s723. I am still working on the interior color scheme. Ohhh am I excited. Ohh the possibilities, ohh the probabilities!

Now, how does this stupid thing work? This sugar daddy thing. How does one extract the zonda out of this???? Anyone know? Clue me in, hook me up with my zonda now!

One excited 'vie...
this sugar daddy thing smells a lot like corn syrup...

1 comment:

rocky-dog said...

um, Silvie, sweetheart (this is Rocky's mama here)I think you need to be brought down gently on this which is why I'm writing and not Rocky! Yes, you found a sugar daddy. Unfortunately it's the wrong kind of sugar daddy. The sugar daddy you found is like a chewie for 2leggeds (trust me it would not be good for you to use as a chewie). I think you need to go look at this link: to see what your mama has been talking about. She may not have wanted you to get embarrassed by what a sugar daddy is all about. Just remember, Rocky and I both send hugs and wags. Rocky's mama