Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And so Feather -sans Bill- is back

This morning, out of the blue, [or should we say... into the blue water] Feather showed up.
Of course, momma went out of her way and fed her. [grrr home made bread ... to boot]

Feather took a nice long swim in the pool. Tasted the water. Apparently the salt did not bother her one bit, and she explored. Ate some more and was completely unruffled by any of us walking by. Apparently she feels safe in the middle of the pool.

No. I did not jump in. It is cold. Besides, first thing in the morning I need cappuccino foam and snuggles and breakfast, not duck chasing or cold water!

So... peaceful coexistence is my choice. Or is it?... Salt water pool... could be considered a brining bath...mhhhhh

Happy swim Feather. For now. Nice to see you got rid of Bill Ducklear the cad.


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