Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gossip like this....

               "There's that wretched man  Louis de Latour
With his latest horrible amour
Isn't she a mess Isn't she a sight
Let's invite them out tomorrow night
Honoré Lachaille Honoré Lachaille
With another twinkle in his eye
Isn't it a shame Isn't it a crime
Seeing him so happy all the time
There's Gaston Lachaille With his little friend
Is that passion never going to end
Did you see her ring? Not a bagatelle
Dear Liane is doing very well
She's a lovable one tonight, isn't she?
What is she up to?"

"Do you remember Madame Dunard, who was here the other day?
Did you notice that rope of black pearls around her throat?
Yes! It was beautiful.
Dipped. Given to her by the man she loves...
...whose love is obviously beginning to cool...
...and she doesn't know it.
It's just a matter of time now." Gigi

Gossip like this, can only happen if you have a proper hat on...

Feel better Dowi, we can't have a proper Gigi night

without you. And...we miss you.
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Sally Ann and Andy said...

You and my big sister would have gotten along very well. She loved fashion as much as you.
Sally Ann

Marshmallow said...

Gigi is one of my mama's favorite movies. I'm going to have to watch it now! I need a fancy hat, though. Will my pink sparkly visor do?