Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things we would not allow momma to buy

So, on our Eastern Shore visit we stopped at a few places.

In Cape Charles momma was drawn like a moth to fire- to this place. I personally think the bright colors just beckoned her. Strange, she usually acts like this around shiny sparkly rocks and metals at the jeweler. It was either the lure of the colors or... she forgot to bring her usual good taste.

No, I am not being harsh. Seriously do you want this Mock-dude
hanging around in your yard??? Or the Mock-birds... or the red ... bird baths??? Do you know of any bird that would like to bathe in that? Seriously. This is not Vegas. Most birds I know have much better taste than this.

I am honestly trying to reconcile the momma I know with this person who just "loved" this stuff! I was polite about it. I thought about "expressing" my opinion by lifting my leg... but I took the high road. I walked back to the van and refused to come out. Why would I want to sniff the gaudy things?

But I do appreciate the whole idea of a postcard perfect display of "dreck" and I did allow her to take pictures.

In time the memories of the vivid colors will fade and all that will be left the pictures and the slight embarrassment she will feel at her attraction to this stuff. Think how awful it would have been for her to have to live with one of these items... See I did it for her. I do love momma.

I do think that if she wants or needs colorful stuff for the yard, we should go visit the Chahuly studio... Just keeping it real momma.

I would even agree to some wonderful Murano.
Know when to say no.
ILY momma
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Mommy, I'm Home said...

Thank goodness you were there to stop your momma from making a bad purchase, 'vie! Sounds like you and I have similar good taste....

rocky-dog said...

My mama is with you on this one Silvie. Although my mama likes color (you should see her lightweight winter jacket -- bright pink with orange lining! worn with a turquoise beanie-cap!)she prefers truly lovely things like Chahuly glass. She say her doctor office (i'm assuming the 2legged equivalent of our vet) has a Chahuly scuplture and mama and John brought back a glass thing that looks just like a little aquarium from their last trip to Venice. And mama has lots of pretty sparkly stuff (that John calls junk) but mama says is from some long time ago thing called a great depression. So I think you just need to gently prod you mama back into the realm of good taste. But remember that as our mama's get older they sometimes forget and go for the, ehm, gusto as it were!

silvieon4 said...

That is possible. Momma says she is becoming an old lady...

bichonpawz said...

I'm with you 'vie! Sparkly shiny rocks are good! Good job....refusing to get out of the van really sets your standards! Maybe next time you could carry a protest sign of some sort...just an idea!
xoxoxo Chloe