Monday, May 24, 2010

OBX and the farm market

No words on this post. You need to see and imagine the smells! Yes lots of things to see, but you would not believe the smells! OBX is the short way of saying Outer Banks of North Carolina. We don't live very far from OBX, so, going to the market is a great outing. No complaints, but... momma would not let us have ice cream... "tractor churned ice cream" or floats, or beef jerky.... She did let us have watermelon... In any case, look and imagine my world with all those smells!

I loved this thing! This tractor thing! But I was NOT allowed to ride it... drats.

Yea... we were in the "shopping cart" and daddy put out cushy pad to make it comfy.

Inside the market

Ok... one word...ok 3. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!!

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For the record... I did not get to taste a peach cider float. And for the record... momma was acting like a little grubby piggy and she got her own cart which she filled... and... when people pointed to us, she told them we were on sale 3 for the price of one in aisle 4. Very funny... there is no isle four.... just saying.

How was your Sunday?


rocky-dog said...

this looks a WHOLE lot better than my weekend! First, I'm not allowed to go to our farmer's market -- they don't allow 4leggeds at all (I think that's totally discriminatory!). Then it was COLD all weekend! So what was with that -- and windy!
Then John made mama help him finish moving the laundry room cabinets -- mama was a fussy baby because she thinks she is not strong enough to lift big heavy things! I think mama is sposed to be sewing a quilt, but she keeps putting it off -- note to mama: that quilt is for Uncle Peter mama, you need to get it done so Auntie Laura can give it to him on Father's day! Mama keeps looking at her planting box and mumbles about what to put there. I heard something about infernal peppers????Sorry, that doesn't sound good at all.

But back to your weekend -- it must be wonderful to be able to go to places like this. Just once I would like a peek at the farmer's market (you never know what will hit the ground!). You guys are SOOOO lucky!


silvieon4 said...

Well thank you. Momma cops a bad tude if we are not welcome. Something about her money follows her babies. The smells were wild. It was like a concert of smells. Our little noses were working OT. On the ride home I hid my nose under my blankie because I really needed to tune out the smells and recover. And not that I am complaining... but I am. I did not even get to try a bite of the "samnich" momma got. Not a crumb... Such an unfair world...

dori said...

Love the pictures! Wish I could've been there....