Saturday, May 15, 2010

So. The nonna is gone. AGAIN

My nonna is gone again. Momma says nonna flew back to Florida. Sketchy. The whole idea is sketchy. I know nonna. I have just about examined every inch of nonna and she has no wings that would enable her to fly back to Florida. And I am annoyed at momma for even saying that.
I mean really. Equating nonna to a duck.

I am not really happy with this nonna being gone thing. I was in the middle of training her! Do you know that I had her giving me liver lips just about daily?

Oh. Flew back on a plane. JD is reminding me of that airport place we went to. Plane. noisy things that fly over our heads. Smell like metal, sweat, dirt and weird.

Ok, that changes nothing. Nonna is NOT here to liver lip me. Why can't humans stay in in one place????



Honeygo Beasley said...

Don't worry, 'vie. You can be sure you'll be back in the lap of luxury and spoiling soon. Until then, let it be known you look so pretty and adorable, that never changes!

Unknown said...

Sorry your nonna had to leave you, 'vie.

(BTW, you're looking very cute with those red ribbons.)

rocky-dog said...

Hey "vie -- it's not fun ( and make you sad) when one of your special 2leggeds goes away! I understand completely. Hugs from California! Rocky-dog