Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend tripping

So... the daddy had an idea... to take momma across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and go to a few of her fav places. Ok. I am on board with that, I think. I mean, as long as we get to sniff, walk, explore, I thought I was on board... So I thought.

Initial declared destination: The Eastern shores. Note to self. That is NOT a real destination.
That is code for I will drag your sorry tushy to a zillion hot, sandy places on salty water.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. I will share with you all the gritty details. And just for the record. I adore air conditioning. And upholstery. And ice.

But for now... enjoy the bits about the bridge. It is rather nice!


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Chica and I envy you being so close to the water. We miss the water here in the desert...:(

Marshmallow said...

I love when we drive over the Bay Bridge because that means we're going to the Rehoboth! We go every summer and it makes me so happy. We're too little to go to the actual beach--and I don't want to get all sandy and icky--but we have so much fun. Our house has a big screen porch (think of a whole room of windows!), mama and daddy don't have to go to work and spend lots of time with us, we take walks, and there's a special store with fun stuff for us 4-leggeds. Maybe you need to come with us next time, 'vie!

rocky-dog said...

'vie, you are sooooo lucky to get to go on the car trips with your mana and daddy. Although mama says we live near the Pacific ocean, I've never gone there or to any other lake for that matter. We do have lots of small mountains around us -- we live in Silicon Valley. I'm hoping my mama will read your blog and take the hint that it would be kind of fun to go to the beach! oh, um, mama says our beaches are not good for swimming -- the water here in northern california is too cold for 2legged or 4leggeds but that maybe when it gets warmer she will take me on a trip to santa cruz to walk around. hmmm, carmel??? mama says there is a town near here where they let well behaved 4leggeds in the eating places. hmmm, I will have to research this more. Rocky