Sunday, May 30, 2010

Operation Spice

I love that name!!!
Chesapeake Animal Control suggests a habanero sauce be applied to keep squirrels away.. indeed... habanero...

Here is a local recipe that is said to work wonders:
Make up a concoction of mostly Murphy's Oil Soap, hot sauce and habanero pepper and spray it around plants, damaged parts of trees and wires to keep the squirrel damage at bay. You'll need to vary the amount of hot sauce and cayenne based on effectiveness but figure that nine out of 10 parts of the mixture is oil soap. This mixture will wash off when it rains and should be reapplied every couple of days. Apparently the hot sauce provides the vinegar bite.
Bushy tailed rats also supposedly hate vinegar... Mhhh
I can work with this. Putting on my chef's hat.
I asked the Wendy to join me in the preparation of this concoction.

JD is working on the momma. We need her thumbs to operate the sprayer thingie. And she has to buy stuff.... you will see what stuff....He is "charmifying" her. Trust me. He has this in the bag.

Now back to the "RECIPE." There are habaneros and there are habaneros. An ordinary habanero measures a mere 350,000 on the Scoville Heat Unit. [the OMD this stuff burns to death- scale]

But what I want is a Red Savina Habanero Pepper (580,000 SHU). This is not a mere burn. This is a take no prisoner total scorch. That is what I want and need. We can dispense with the hot sauce and go for the straight vinegar, and... a generous handful of salt. Yes salt. I don't care about the bushy tailed rat's blood pressure! I am a chef. Not some hack. I have read about fermenting the concoction and I agree. A couple of days in the sun should make it just perfect.
Obviously on the day of spray none of us will be around. I am thinking ride. 1. I don't want my pawprints on this. Retaliation could be nasty. Momma is better equipped to handle it. Also, if there is any spillage... 2. I don't want it on any of us if you catch my drift. I am spicy enough.

I am thinking 8-10 gallons... should do the basic perimeter and the gazebo. :) Ohhhh momma should love to do this. Eleven years. The bushy tailed rat has been stealing all her grapes for eleven years... HA. No MORE!

The vinegar, murphy oil, salt are mixed. Take off the hat we are going to go buy some serious habaneros...

We'll be back....

'vie, The Wendy, JD and the Momma.
[told you JD would charmify her!]

If this works... all that training they have done will be useless! Mwaaaaaaah!

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