Saturday, November 14, 2009

Magic HAT Grandma!

Yea, yea, yea... I overheard momma talking about going to see Nicole's mom at her book signing.
I was sooo excited. I have met artists [hiiii auntie Darlene- Wynn's momma] , I have met doctors, lawyers, firemen and chiefs, but I have never met a real author with published books! Fun books anyway. My Adam and Dowi [human siblings] are authors. They have a published book, but not one picture in the whole book and it is not what I would call and "easy read" ... It is a law book. So , I happily trotted my tush out to the car this afternoon figuring... I will meet Nicole's momma. Ms. Hilda Principe. I will meet a fun book author! You know I love books. You know I have "sampled" some delicious literature in my day.

Well. Taking a deep breath. I did NOT get to meet anyone. I was unceremoniously dropped off at my groomer's. No, I did not stink, and noooo I did not have mats! I needed a hair cut, according to momma, and my nails needed a trim. But out of 365 days she picks this day to drag me to get groomed? I wanted to meet Ms. Hilda. Her book looks delicious and she gave crayons. I saw them. Momma put them where I cannot reach them. [The cruelty never stops...] And Miss Hilda, I want you to know I have not sampled your book because I have been told I am not allowed. Just for the record, I saw that my groomer also sells your book! Is everyone in on this, but me??? I need my own copy!!!!

After all. "Magic Hat Grandma Makes Purple Peanut Butter Sandwiches by Hilda Principe is a very instructive book! Grandma teaches, by example, to share and care about creatures [I am a creature!] that have been abandoned. She endorses the practice of rescuing animals [I am a rescue!!!] and teaches children the joy of helping those precious [seriously, I am precious!!!] little animals to have a life of love. Featuring Grandma's new rescued Bichon Frise. [Momma are you taking notes? Nicole was the inspiration for the book!]

This is the second book featuring magic grandma... HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JD just told me I can get my own personalized copy at:

Profits from each book will be donated to Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue.
Be sure to mention TBFR when ordering your books.

Momma, I don't need you. For this, anyway. I will get my own and sample it to my heart's content.

Groomed and... bookless

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bichonpawz said...

Well....that's one pretty cool hat and one pretty cool lookin' grandma! But we are so sorry to hear that you are book-less! And groomed...we know what THAT's like...sad to say. Glad you figured out a way to get your book! Hugs & Kisses from Chloe and LadyBug who have stolen the laptop for the night....LOL!