Monday, November 9, 2009

Territorial Imperative Violation.

PHEW! What a weekend. Have you ever had a weekend so busy that you need a Monday morning to rest up? Well that was my weekend. And while I need to sleep and rest, momma has a completely different take on life. She is busy, she is starting to "prep for Thanksgiving". Whatever- I am going to spend the day napping. But before I do that, lets' dish.

Show of paws. Would you feel weird if suddenly your vet was at YOUR house having dinner? You read it correctly. Yup. What if the man you took your temp [ I am still weirded out about that], was "socializing" and "dinnerizing" at your house. I bet all of your paws are up in the air.

No kidding. And momma wondered why I acted weird. I acted normal. "Weird" was everyone else who expected me to act differently.

See? The man in the pink shirt.... my vet Dr Klemm. I know, he looks like a regular person to you. But... he has needles. He has thermometers. He has razors... And he can give you a poodle paw in a blink! And... no matter how nice he is, he is a vet.

The lady is auntie Robin and next to her is uncle Jack. I played with uncle Jack all night, I miss that part of White Cottage. But I kept an eye on Dr. Klemm from a safe, respectful distance. [Like I was going anywhere near him if I did not have to! Ha!]

Dowi, my sister visited. But she left before the dinner party. Mh. Wonder if she knew the vet was coming. The Wendy stayed upstairs barking, you know, she is icky about people. And JD was his usual self. Getting a belly rub and a scratch wherever he could. What can I say... some things just never change.

Just the same, momma, next time you invite my vet, I suggest you also invite your OB. Fair is fair no????

Equity - people, that is what I am talking about.

weirded out


Honeygo Beasley said...

Vie, I'm going to the vet tomorrow - that's so nice your Vet came to dinner. He does look like a very nice man, sorry that Wendy wasn't into the whole thing.

Have a nice day!

silvieon4 said...

On purpose? I only go when they force me. Except for that one time I was soooo sick I figured I had nothing to lose by going there. Good luck. I hope you avoid needles. xoxoxox

Mommy, I'm Home said...

He looks like a nice man, 'Vie. Of course, he probably had that thermometer on him and was just waiting for you to get close enough to whip it out.

(BTW, this is Karen. I changed my blog to and my new email is