Thursday, November 5, 2009

And you think you are so SMART????

And you think you know so much, do you?

Ok, answer this:

If I say I saw any of the following.... what would I be talking about??

1. A pitying?
2. A skein?
3. An implausibility?
4. A dule?
5. A brace?
6. A fesnying?

What's the matter? Cat's got your tongue? {Another reason why Bichons are better. We don't need to "get" your tongue to leave you speechless....}

Ok ok, Consider this your daily exercise in humility. You can go here and learn all about pitying etc.

~~~~~~~~> take a peek here<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you knew any of these, well la di da, you can check your smartie pants at the door. Yea, that last comment should have you scratching your head anyway!

knowledge is power!

1 comment:

Cameron (the Dude) Gray said...

My favorites are the mischief of mice and rhumba of rattlesnakes!

Who makes this up anyway!!??