Friday, November 13, 2009

Four Rivers Fountain at Piazza Navona

Can we pleaaaaase go there? I need a bite of the super thin crispy pizza from Da Francesco. Or maybe, some hand cut prosciutto with focaccia??? We have been home forever and ever. I need la dolce vita not la soaked and drenched gray vita.

Mommaaaaa, pleaaase.

And, and, and... can we go to San Crispino for gelato al limone? I always appreciate Bernini more when I am licking gelato.

I have needs! I know we can get you a superb espresso at Sant'Eustachio Cafe. I am willing to work with your needs.

And, did you notice I did not ask to go to Trevi? I am way more hip than that.

But, if you have some extra cash, I am thinking La Rosetta? After all chef Massimo Riccioli's
"A cena con gli dèi" dinner with the gods only features 50 dishes!!!! I think we should try them all!!!

Momma, please think about it , ok???

pining for la dolce vita

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