Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Momma and her new CAMERA

I am watching the momma out on her glasses, read something, take off her glasses, look at her new camera, put on her glasses, look at the camera again, take off her glasses ... repeat from the start... She is apparently trying to learn how to operate the thing. She wanted me to pose, but even sedated I could not sit through that routine for more than 3 or 4 cycles of on and off glasses!!! I gave her this pity look, 6-7 minutes into that routine.

Let's face it, my cute factor translates well even with dilettante photogs. Shudder, am I witnessing the birth of a pup-a-razza? Hope not.

Wait a minute. This could work. I will have to call my lawyers and run it by them. But, in exchange for my retention bonus and a small posing fee, I could...pose for a few pics. I would even cooperate. This would give her some belief that she is getting something more. Mhhh clever me. After all, she is gong to be obsessed with that new toy so there will be pics no matter. For the price of a few chewies she could have great pics. Or at the very least pictures of a fantastic model. Moi.

I will run the idea by my legal team. Going to practice poses. Homage to Ben's Zoolander, going to practice my TIGRE pose...

later, ciao ciao cari

Get this-her camera has a pretty mode. For real. Not really sure why momma needed that, since all she takes pictures of ME and I am already beautiful. But hey, who knows. Maybe the momma has plans. [Rolling my eyes].
PS, double click on that pic to see it full size. :)


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Are you trying to incite a riot over here at Mommy, I'm Home 'Vie? Chica just heard she could be getting treats in addition to regular meals. She's not happy that we've been holding out on her...

silvieon4 said...

Ehmmm, Chica, you need to get yourself a union card. They have been holding out on you girl. You need to start a job action. Withhold some kisses. Don't be so easy with the tail wags. Make them earn the Bichon loving. If you need representation let me know. But you can throw a few words around... like... "underpaid" "unacceptable working conditions" Ohh use this one, it makes momma's face turn red:
"gender pay discrimination"... Let them know you are hip.
Treat time!!!
we shall overcome!