Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Louie

Welcome to White Cottage. First of all, relax, you are now in a safe place and you will be taken care of. I know you feel confused, and scared. I don't know why you were "given up". I am so sorry it happened. But, trust me on this, you lucked out. Auntie Robin and uncle Jack will not allow anything bad to happen to you ever again. White Cottage is where you will learn new things and you will wait for your forever home. Honestly. Forever.

I know that suddenly being around that many 4leggeds is confusing. But, tell the truth, it is also kind of nice. I am sure they all told you you are safe from any harm now. The place you were left at... was NOT safe, even though they call it a shelter... sometimes that is place where it all ends. I don't really want to think or talk about that. YOU ARE SAFE, be happy.

I vaguely recall how confused I was at my arrival at White Cottage. You know, I almost never think of that time. I am happy, I am home now. I have a big brother named JD and a sister named Wendy and a whole 2legged family that stretches across the world. Louie you are now rescued and waiting for adoption and a family will welcome you like I was welcomed and will love you no matter. [even when you chew corners on pillows...that is just an example, I am admitting nothing]

Oh... listen Louie, ever hear the words "healthy diet"? You are now on one. I think by the time we see you... you will be thinner. Sorry about that. But Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue is into healthy. No junk food, no additives... no fats... and lots of exercise!

Looking forward to a nose to nose meet and greet, welcome to the TBFR family!

PS Benny just got his forever home, :)))

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Honeygo Beasley said...

Lots of exercise, healthy diet - all good things! We agree. Have a happy Thanksgiving, 'Vie! Don't cave in to pressure for unhealthy over-indulgences.