Monday, November 16, 2009

Carmen...only a cat could get away with this!

From Pawnation:
Crazed Kitty Sparks Police Visit To Home

A 10-year-old Russian Blue named Carmen terrorized her owners in their own home in New York City for a half an hour on Saturday before police arrived and were able to calm the animal down. The cat's owner, Rosa Davila, believes that her cat's violent behavior is due to a medical condition.

The 16-pound cat began making strange noises and suddenly launched herself at Davila's 27-year-old son Victor. Rosa and Victor hid in the apartment's bedroom while Rosa called 911 and asked them to rescue her family from the upset kitty.

Hordes of police officers arrived at the apartment expecting to find a wild cat -- and were surprised to find the portly Russian Blue instead. Carmen was coaxed into a cat carrier and taken to Manhattan's Animal Care and Control center where she may be available for adoption after she is evaluated.

Davila told the New York Post that Carmen was diagnosed as borderline diabetic with a thyroid condition; she wanted to be fed every five minutes and she was rapidly gaining weight. Davila was unable to afford proper medical treatment for Carmen and she believes that her disorder led her to become violent.

My personal note.... If someone can help with her meds, Carmen could stay with her family????? What do I know, I am just a 4legged... with common sense...


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