Thursday, November 12, 2009

rain , rain, RAIN.... be done already!!!!

You know what all that green means? It's a November Nor'easter.

It means RAIN, rain, rain and more rain. And did I mention the wind? I am done with all the wet already! Can somebody please turn it off? I have asked momma and daddy, but they are not listening.

So, we are stuck in the house. Or should I say, we are "captured victims of momma's camera". If she ever learns how to post the videos...

Right now I am watching the trees dance to the heavy winds. Talk about a salad of leaves out there! It looks like someone tossed a salad in the air.

So, who can turn off the wind machine and the rain machine? I need to find them and chat.... 'nuff is 'nuff...

Although, I have to admit, this weather makes napping so much nicer. :)

Staying in

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