Friday, November 13, 2009

Bichons and art.

More accurate statement: Bichons ARE art.

Bichons, a history of art.

What a wonderful article. It validates what I have always known. We, Bichons are the unsung heros of the art world. Any painting worth anything, has a Bichon as a leading subject. If you don't believe me, just look!.

My own personal favorites are by Goya:

The Duchess of Alba, without her beautiful [albaeit poorly groomed by today's standards...] Bichon, Alba would be just some lady in a white dress.
But the dress, echos the whiteness of her Bichon and it makes Alba a stand out. Alba in black, sans Bichon... not as good. Common. Boring.

I promised momma to buy her that painting as soon as I win the lottery.
Is it for sale yet? I thing the museum needs to have a big garage sale and make room for new art.

And of course Maria Teresa.

María Teresa de Borbón y Vallabriga - 1783

The niece of
of King Carlos III of Spain in the 16th century is made attractive by her Bichon. His fluffy white cuteness balances the child's huge head dress and softens the severity of her black dress.One more observation. In both paintings the Bichons are dutifully sitting quietly... waiting... echos of my life...

artistically yours

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