Friday, November 16, 2012

What's my answer?

I asked momma to post- She is not what I would call  a wordsmith.  She is more like IN YOUR FACE...,
But sometimes you need to hear it from someone who tells it like it is....

What do I feed my dogs?  What's my answer to the whole dog food dilemma?
To the whole nasty, underhanded profit driven SCAM that is dog food manufacturers?
It is not a dilemma for me.
Well, given the lack of ethics, morals and trust....
Lack of quality, truth, and safety....
Lack of serious compliance with existing laws...
Lack of real supervision of an industry that is completely corrupt...
Lack of actual warnings [silent pulls.... how pathetic... that they hide behind those!]
Lack of CARE.....I have only ONE VIABLE ANSWER:

If you trusted yourself enough to feed your child, and that child is still alive and doing well, trust yourself enough to feed your dog!
I cook for my dogs. I know what every single bite that goes into them is.
There is no lack of recipes, ingredients or advice. Get over whatever is holding you back and just do it.
Want a real effort from these dog food companies?  STOP BUYING the caca they package.
Maybe then they will get the message.  But as long as I see BENEFUL being advertised as real nutrition... I know better. You should too.
Nuff said.
The momma

ehmmmm I told you... she is not subtle....but I love her. 'vie

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bichonpawz said...

I love your momma too 'vie...she says exactly what she means. No one ever has to wonder what she is thinking! I love that!!
Chloe and LadyBug's mama