Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scary Scary Monster


My dearest hooman and fuzzed friends,

I have recently discovered that I am a scary scary monster. For my whole life, I thought I could just get whatever I wanted by just being adorable. While I'm still certain that's true, this whole scary scary monster thing is like having another toy in my toy box. And I like it.

Nonna helped me discover my talent. It started innocently enough. I had buried myself in a pile of pillows for a nap, because... they're pillows and that's what you do. Anyway, I woke up and started stretching. I guess Nonna didn't know I was there, so when the pillows moved to reveal me (aka the scary scary monster), Nonna screamed! Because I am terrifying!

(Don't worry, I gave her plenty of licks and snuggles once she calmed down. I'm a scary scary monster, not a mean monster)

Then I was looking through old pictures and I found this one, of me chasing JD and Wendy. Look how they run away in fear! AND NO, MOMMA. I AM NOT JUST LOSING A RACE TO CHASE DUCKS. I am chasing them. And they are running away because I'm a SCARY SCARY MONSTER.

Please don't be too afraid of me though, scary scary monsters still need belly rubs!


1 comment:

Kolchak Puggle said...

You made your Nonna scream? *giggles* Vie that's...that's hilarious! Are you sure you just didn't have bedhead?! Sometimes I feel like screaming when I see my Mama's bed hair.