Sunday, November 25, 2012

I am starting to look over WISH lists

Momma has been salivating over-about this machine.

It apparently is called a "slayer". Weird name for an espresso maker. But, I am looking strictly at the "foam potential" and I am down with that. I love foam.

Apparently, they require a large chewie exchange to liberate a slayer. More than seven. I have to bark JD and the Wendy into kicking in their chewies because...on my own I just don't have enough.

You know, I heard momma say that it takes a lot of scratch to get this slayer thingie. Scratch we've got! Why didn't anyone tell me before that scratch was an acceptable trading currency? If I eat anything with chicken I get itches enough to produce scratch for days! Just how do you deliver the scratch? Do I have momma take pic of me rolling around on the rugs? Do I measure it by the about of time I spend scratching? The number of things I have to drag my itches over? I need details!

You know, in the spirit of giving, I am willing to give up some scratch to benefit the families effected by Sandy. I would like to donate enough scratch to get chewies for all the four leggeds effected and how about super soft plushy, warm yellow duck slippers that squeak for all their hoomans. I saw a pair at the store that I really loved. They were loud! Mhh I suppose. JD is wolfing about sizes. Ok, I can see the possible issue. Momma is suggesting donation via the Red Cross. Ok, ok, we'll you know, you could join me and make a gift thought the American Red Cross. They must have all the sizes in stock. Problem solved! Call today and make your donation!

Now, just tell me how I get them my "scratch".



Kolchak Puggle said...

Mama was salivating over something very very similar. Her and the Daddy are having a real debate over whether a 'spresso maker is a "good use" of "prime counter space". (The Daddy is NOT a coffee nut.) I'm quite sure the Mama will prevail, but until then, she's being awfully cozy up to the Daddy and doing the batty eyelash bit a lot.

bichonpawz said...

Yeah...we got that whole batty eyelash thing goin' on over here too...our mama loves coffee! We can't answer your scratchy question though 'vie...we just don't know! Hope someone can help! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

silvieon4 said...

We have a fancy espresso machine. We have a Magnifica, but momma's lust knows no boundaries... anything with valves and knobs and hissing parts captures her attention. When she got the Magnifica she justified it by saying that it made her nicer. I thought it was a lame excuse until I saw momma "cope" when the Magnifica went in for service. HELL week. That is what we called it around here...