Thursday, November 1, 2012

The costuming

 For those of you who can't get enough "hummilation"

16 Animal Wearing Adorable Halloween Costumes | Care2 Causes

We had crazy mad door bell ringers last night. Mostly of the small hooman variety dressed in what I would call Fashion Police cringe worthy. But the tiny ones I can forgive. After all, if you can't take a stroll into crazy fashions when you are tiny and have no real consequences, when can you?  Moi, Je prefer to err on the side of couture. We all know I have a Je ne sais quoi affinite` for elegance.

BUT, I will give tiny hoomans a pass.  

This post is about the large variety hoomans who showed up at my door. These souls ventured out of their homes to be seen in public dressed in what I would call triple alarmers for us Joan Rangers.

Ok, world, in what universe is it EVER ok to put on more poly ethylene compounds than you find at three mile island?  I mean you are basically an unlit torch, just waiting to shine into the night?  The long flowy icky purple hair wig made out of plastic... what the woof?  The ugly wannabe disneyesque costume made out of some other kind of plastique... What the woof to the second power. And the make up.... like Kiss threw up on you?

Momma says that Halloween is for dressing up how you wish you could be seen daily.  Her idea is that your costume should be an expression of what you aspire to be. LOFTY.   Make sense when you think of all the wannabe princesses, Cleopatras, and such. [No mention here of momma's obsession with Irma La Deuce....I am NOT going there apparently lofty and trashy cross at some hooman world].

So, then what is your aspiration, when you as an adult pile on the triple alarmer costumes? You want to to be seen as a Hooter reject?  You want to be seen as a cheaper version of yourself?

Momma says I better quit yapping before I get myself into deep trouble.  The woman has forgotten that FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION theng I practice.

 I have never negated or denied that I DO JUDGE YOU.  And, your willingness to come to MY door is what I equate to your consent to be judged.  There are no free ride.  Those Oreos packages daddy gave away.... consider that your payment and thank you for leaving the peanut butter cookies. I like those.  I like those a lot....

In any case, I need to go visit the little girl's grass patch, next year.... MIND your costumes or deal with my critique.

Ehmmm one more thing...NOBODY thinks you look like Ariel.


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