Sunday, November 25, 2012

LET'S make a DEAL!

You get to keep ALL, and I mean ALL of that challah french toast.  And I am saying ALL of that toast.

What a deal. That toast is loaded with raisins [ ugh]  and it is made with home made challah!!!!

I get to keep the ham.... just the ham. The dead pig.

Like I said it's  a deal! Take it!  You will not get an offer this good ever again...
I must be crazy!

Wait there is more! If you take the offer, for a limited tome only, I will throw in kisses and licks. FREEEEEE no charge!!!..

Now come on, pass the ham and let's consummate our partnership!

It's a happy Sunday sale!!!!

No?  NOOOOO???? What the woof???

Dowi, go home.  DC needs you.
I will live without you...


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