Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Wendy POOH moment

Do you know what the "stink eye" is?

This is what I get from the Wendy when I try and interlope some loving from a human she happens to be draped on.

It is a pretty intimidating theng.... "the STINK EYE". It basically tells you : "Back off jack. My hoooman, my moment, and I am not even remotely kidding. I will not share. GO AWAY".  Like I said... Pretty intimidating  and NOT attractive. In fact, truth be told, my beautiful Wendy Pooh looks like something that would be featured on the movie of the week or something... and not in a good way.

Here is my list of things that don't work trying to get around that look...
1. Don't even bother bow play.
2. No distractions... that girl is impervious
3. Do nor bother growling.  It does not work.
4. Pretending you are in pain does not work.
5. Pretending you have a delicious chewy does not work.

So... in one last ditch effort, I tried kissing her.  She growled me away!

Seriously, how do I manage the Stink eye?  Any ideas?

I am just a lover, I have no coping skills with Stink eye......


1 comment:

Tucker The Crestie said...

Aww, poor 'Vie! Just want to get some pets, too. That Wendy is being mean!