Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chicken UP it is time for chicken named after a country!

Momma, did you check on the BIG chicken named after a country?  Is it brining pretty?

Silvieon4 to Wendy Pohh...
"Seriously come out, you have to look at this year's clucker.  It is HUUUUUUGEEEEMMMOUNGOUS

Wendy Pohh..."I am worried about it.  It is BIG... how can momma lift that sucker?"

Supervisor Silvie at work. "Chill out chickie pooh.  The Adam is home he can power lift that bird into the oven.  Speaking of which, is it time to start the yummifying process yet?  Fire up the engine!  Get that bird cooking!  Not yet??? I am going to die from waiting!"


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