Saturday, July 24, 2010

waiting for cheese or butter or something..

4 lbs loaf of rye... and there are 2 of them... Where is the butter???

Unfinished business of uncheesed pizzas... Just drop the pepperoni already! None??? Mushrooms? Anchovies? Jalapenos??? EWWWW fish, fungus and fire!!! ICK

Sorry guys, she already put away the bagels... Auntie Karen, you are NOT alone...


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Is she planning on feeding the entire East Coast, 'vie? I hope one of those pizzas is for me!

silvieon4 said...

Nop, she likes rye bread and she will share it with friends. As far as the, fungus and fire... you can have it all!!! I like "pupparoni!", see that .YUM file app would come in so handy!

rocky-dog said...

indeed the .yum would be very handy for those of us living on the west coast! mama DID find her pasta maker today when she was cleaning out cabinets. John laughed at her when she made a comment about maybe making homemade pasta again. I think your mama's groove may be catching, 'vie -- but we will have to see as I think most of the things mama is finding are just going into big boxes for now. and there isn't going to be much cooking around here for a couple of weeks while the kitchen is being rebuilded. I think you are going to have to fast track the .yum capability.