Sunday, July 25, 2010

In pursuit of PLAY

The Wendy: "Do you see this? Why won't she leave me alone?"

Silvieon4: " I am not doing anything! I just want to play with my toys!!!"

Silvieon4: "See? I am shaking my toys! I am playing with my toys, I am having fun with my toys!"

The Wendy moves to the office in search of peace and quiet... Silvieon4 follows:

The Wendy: "Shhh daddy is working, go away, don't
you dare jump up here. GO AWAY!"

Silvieon4: "Fine I will sit here and stare at you. I am breathing your air, I am reading your thoughts and I will just sit here and focus on YOU! Can you feel me???"

Silvieon4: "Pleaseeeeee Wendy play with me! I brought the mallard, we can take turns killing it or we can tug of war it! You love the squack, pleaaaaase... I dug it out of the bottom of the toy basket just for you!!!!"

Silvieon4: "Take it, it's for you!"

Silvieon4: "I am going to sit next to you and make you play with me. I went and got the duck so you would play with me! You owe me!"

The Wendy: "I can't play with you and the duck, because you are up here with me... and the duck is down there... on the floor"

Play is NOT easy!


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Chica says the next time you want to play 'vie, just give her a call. She'd love to play.

silvieon4 said...

We need a teleporter too...