Friday, July 30, 2010

Free vet locator and referral for the traveling PET

A free phone referral service provides travelers with a list of emergency vet clinics

HealthyPet Magazine and After Hours Assurance have partnered to provide a free referral service for travelers with travelers with veterinary emergencies.

Pet owners can call 800-204-4595 and provide the zip code, or city and state of their current location and they will receive information on local vet clinics that provide emergency services.

This service is free of charge from Aug. 1 through Labor Day (Sept. 6), and it is national.

So, along with your travel kit which includes a copy of your 4legged's vet file, meds, foods, and vet info and vaccination records, [don't forget the chewies and the toys] add this phone number: 800-204-4595. [Go ahead, save it on your cell phone now].

If you need a checklist for pet travel go here:,

Now, you know what they say... BE PREPARED!


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