Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So where did the Dowi go?

She was here and now she is gone. Why are my 2leggeds always on the move? I want them in one place, I want them to always be together and I want them to really be part of the pack.
I am confused. Yesterday we saw the Adam, we drove with Dowi. I think daddy messed up something and left the Dowi and the Adam behind! Sigh. The house is quiet, Dowi, do you miss me? Adam do you??



Mommy, I'm Home said...

Awwww ... 'vie... I'm sorry you miss your Dowi and Adam..(

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

Sorry that you miss your house guest, I bet they will be back soon.
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rocky-dog said...

Dear Silvie, I understand completely how empty you feel when your 2leggeds go away. But in my experience working with 2leggeds everyday, I find they come and go and your favorite 2leggeds always come back to you. I am now finally understanding the concept of "to go to work". Mama reminds me every morning when we are out for our walkie that we need to go home to get ready "to go to work" and then we end up here at the costume stockroom. I bet your Dowi and Adam have "to go to work" too and that's why they are not where you expect them. I miss my favorite 2leggeds too but the thing I'm learning is that they eventually come back. So just relax, you have your mama and daddy at home and your other 2leggeds (hmm, like Auntie Robin with liver lips perhaps??) will be around soon enough.

thoughtfully yours -- Rocky