Friday, July 9, 2010


I have a new hobby. Yard watching. I recently noticed the my yard changes mood. Like me. Like a 2 legged. My yard is moody. Catch it in the right light at sunset and you can almost hear the start of a dark twisted Gothic novel.

Something like: "There, in the back of the garden, hidden by the bushes, past the tall trees that cast shadows like the lines of a stave or pentagram on the first page of a long forgotten musical score, was the gate to the other world. It was only visible at dusk, and only to those whose heart was pure and whose soul was restless..." [Hey what do you expect from a 3 year old 4 legged? Only Anne Rice can write like Anne Rice! DUH! Sounds like POEtry to me!]

My point is... the yard changes mood. Even the dark bush disguises itself and melts into "the door". It could be scary.

A few minutes earlier, the yard looked like this. A tiny bit more inviting and less verboten, no?

Mhh. You know... this insight could come in handy. I could work this angle and maybe, just maybe convince The Wendy that she NEEDS to have me go out with her each and every time ...for protection. She tends to be Ms Independence... I will have to try this.

Meanwhile... I am going to work on my novel writing skills. Dragon Naturally Barking you will be getting a real work out.

"deep in yard, hidden by shades of green...
or deep in the backdrop of my yard"

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Mommy, I'm Home said...

You have a beautiful back yard, 'vie. It's like Terabithia!