Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man proposes... God disposes....

Yesterday, momma put it in her head to use the blower outer to clean up a bit of the yard. The gardener does not come until Thursday... You know, she braved the heat, the "humditty", the pollen and allergies and spent hours with the blower outer in the back yard and on the walkways. At the end of her 2 hour task, Between the sneezes and coughs she had the smug self satisfied smile of the conqueror. She declared "ORDER IN MY WORLD! NEATNESS COUNTS!" To an OCD person like her, neatness is a big deal... which is why we constantly stretch her reality by scattering toys and such, we do it for her own good.

Well, at about 4 pm, yesterday, just when momma was listing all her aches and pains and hair frizzies resulting from her neat yard quest, the sky got dark. Then the lightening show started. Then the noisy booms and then pouring rain and wind started. By the time daddy got home, the rain had stopped, the sky was light again, and... the yard... well... let's just say it looked like a salad had been tossed all over. Front yard, back yard, tree limbs everywhere, leaves everywhere, petals everywhere... and the coup de grace... our pool got a new accessory! Beyond the leafage and debris, one of our umbrellas was now at the bottom of the deep end.

I have to tell you. JD gave me the look. You know, THE look. Scramble, go upstairs because momma is going to erupt. Usually I do as he says. Yesterday I decided to forgo his advice.

I knew momma was upset, I knew she was tired and felt defeated, so... I gave her my best de-stresser. I climbed on her lap, licked her face and offered up the belly. I took away all other choices. She had to sit and pet me. AND IT WORKED! By the time we were done, momma was calm and philosophical about the whole mess. : "Man proposes, God disposes".

And oh... Mr Weatherman... you are not very good. You have been predicting rain for 2 weeks.... who can believe you?

whose job is never done

PS. The umbrella has been fished out of the pool.


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Oh, I know how your mommma feels, 'vie. Once a week I get the blower out and clean up our patio. I only do it once a week because I know the second I do it a storm is going to come in and blow stuff all over the place again! It used to drive me crazy keeping up with it until I decided to just do it once and enjoy the cleanliness for an hour or two before it was ruined by Mother Nature.

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Bichon stress buster, yes you are!

bichonpawz said...

I sure do feel bad for your momma....all that hard work for nothing. I hope she is feeling better today and it was very nice of you to offer up the belly! We had all those storms today....ugh...we are glad during these storms that we have a roof over the pool!