Saturday, July 3, 2010

A FEW steps for a SAFE 4th of July.

1. Fireworks displays are NOT for dogs and

2. neither are crowds. Home is a safer place to be for your 4leggeds.

3. Generally speaking this is a holiday your
4legged should celebrate inside the house where it is cooler, free of bugs, loud noises, firecrackers, BBQ foods which "falls" into the wrong mouth... and free of crazy, drunk, uncle/buddy/neighbors etc.

Interior rooms or pantries, or walk in closets and windowless bathrooms are great to keep the sound of firecrackers muffled. Just make sure you are there to provide belly rubs and play.

4. DO NOT REINFORCE FEAR AND ANXIETY. Constant verbal attempts at reassuring your dogs during a fearful or anxious episode only serves to reinforce the fear and or anxiety. YAWN a lot, act calm, act RELAXED, act BORED. That will translate well to your dogs who will start to relax as well.

5. ID ID ID.... this is the one day a year you really rely on a SNUG COLLAR with IDENTIFICATION and have your MICROCHIP info available. A spooked dog will run fast and far. Your commands will mean nothing, your dog will only follow instinct if it scared enough.

Some use Rescue Remedy. Other use Lavender, but if your dog is seriously anxious, talk to your vet. Fireworks are scary!

7. If somehow your 4 legged gets lost ... go here~~~~> LOST and immediately start the search.

8. If you had firecrackers out in the yard, CLEAN everything up BEFORE you let your dog out.

Stepping away from the podium now and going to go for a long walk

ciao ciao


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bichonpawz said...

You and I were thinking along the same lines here 'vie!!! Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!