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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disco the human speaking bird

I am so confused. Disco you have my respect. Disco I am now your fan.

Anyone that can human speak has my attention. If you were here you and I could work together to our mutual advantage. [if you know what I mean] I could teach you some key phrases that would get you plenty of treats and serious spoilage.

Mm. The thing is, I have met birds that look somewhat like Disco before. I have even blogged about them here: but, that fancy dude chicken I blogged about did not say a single word. I frankly thought he was food. Not even a tiny vowel. Think he was mute? How was I supposed to know he could human speak?

My friend Quillah has a bird. 
I wonder if her bird human speaks.

I was almost sad thinking about all my missed possibilities. No thumbs, no "talking". but then I caught a view of myself on the glassy thing.  Honey, with all this going on.... I am as perfect as perfect gets.  Wanna rub my belly?

 It's good. It's really good. Try it, you will like it.


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