Tuesday, May 22, 2012



I am head over heels for these guys. I am now officially launching the OLATE DOGS FAN CLUB. You must vote for these guys on ATG, they have got talent TALENT and cute...

Anyone know anything about their marital status??? I love the dude with the map on the tush.

I am just gonna sit here and watch this again!

Oh Oh Oh, and did you all get that THEY ARE ALL RESCUED DOGS??? Yea, rescue RULES.

Thank you OLATE family. Thank you for REPRESENTING!!!!! http://olatedogs.com/

'vie proud to be a rescued dog too :)


Olate said...

WOW Thank you so much !!! So glad you liked our performance. This has been an amazing experience.

Olate said...

It is a wonderful thing to rescue an animal. If anyone is thinking about getting a dog it is great to go to a shelter. Not all of our dogs are rescued, only some.

silvieon4 said...

Lili! She is a girl! Go girl go girl go girl! Ohh I am so thrilled! Like I always said... Ginger Rogers was a much better dancer than Fred Astaire... she did everything he did, backward and in high heels. Girls RULE. Lili you are magnificent.

Marshmallow said...

OMD, this is amazing! How can I learn how to do a back flip?! Yes, rescue rocks (and so do girls)!!

olha said...
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