Monday, May 21, 2012

Yet again...Diamond expands recall...

From the Diamond website:
 "May 18, 2012 Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult Dog Lamb & Rice Formula samples, 6 pound and 18 pound bag sizes, manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011, have been added to the limited voluntary recall, due to potential exposure to Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported. The product was distributed in the following states, further distribution through other pet food channels may have occurred:

 ·      Colorado
 ·      Illinois
 ·      Kentucky
 ·      Louisiana
 ·      Michigan
 ·      Minnesota
 ·      Missouri
 ·      Oklahoma
 ·      Pennsylvania
 ·      South Dakota
 ·      Tennessee
 ·      Texas
 ·      Wisconsin

Production Code & Best Before Dates:
DSL0801, 26-Aug-2012 DSL0801, 26-Aug-2012           
DSL0801, 27-Sept- 2012 (Product manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011 and packaged on Sept. 27, 2011) DSL0801, 18-Oct- 2012 (Product manufactured on Aug. 26, 2011 and packaged on Oct. 18, 2011) DSL0801, (Samples)

Pet owners who are unsure if the product they purchased is included in the recall, or who would like replacement product or a refund, may contact Diamond Pet Foods via a toll free call at 1-866-918-8756, Monday through Sunday, 8 am – 6pm EST.

Diamond Pet Foods apologizes for any issues this may have caused pet owners and their pets." ---------------------------------------------

Really????? They are apologizing? Yea, right...and look at the sincerity of the apology. Quietly whispered on their website. And they lied. No illnesses have been reported???? tells a different story. NOBODY needs to buy this crap. NOBODY. Bust out a lamb chop, grill a piece of fish, cook already, save your pet's life, save your own, don't touch this stuff! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________  'vie

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