Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outing my family

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest

Well well. Thank you auntie Jodi.

It seems my family is not alone in this weird ritual that makes no sense to me. I am passive about it. I just go limp. They seem to get their jollies off of lifting me up as if I was some sort of offering.

JD will struggle some, but eventually he will let them do it. but just for a second. The Wendy... nahhhh forgetaboutit. She is not about to let them lift her like that no matter. Smart girl.

Here I thought they were peculiar. Now it turns out that they are peculiarly "hoooooman". Two leggeds. Go figure.

By the way, usually this ritual is followed by a serious belly rub and usually it is NOT momma doing it. Last time... it was Adam who can really lift and get good height. I keep my eyes on his head and that keeps me from getting scared. Dowi did it over the bed... Daddy... tried and gave up. Momma knows better.

People, two leggeds, buy a doll and do this, we four leggeds do not want to be your "offerings" your "tendered prized herd presentations"... seriously... get a life!


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