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Thursday, May 17, 2012

So... I take flight with Il Volo

I guess I am an addict. I love belly rubs. But most of all I love to get my belly rubbed while great music is playing in the background. Ok, I will come clean. There is more to this story. I have a "theng". Ok, Ok. maybe 2 or 3 thengs. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, aka my "thengs" aka IL VOLO. Sue me. I like falling asleep while getting a belly rub while listening to the three of them. Blame momma. She always speaks to me in Italian. I associate the language with home, comfort, warmth. And these guys can deliver some sweet Italian. After all, I am just conditioned to love the language and the music. So it's normal, natural and simply reasonable to think of Dimples -My own nickname for Ignazio as I fall asleep. Do you think he has a dog? What about Piero? I bet he would relax if I was near him. Gianluca looks like a good snuggler. Of course they sing in English too, see? So, who is going to rub my belly and chillax with me and my "addiction"? 'vie

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