Saturday, May 26, 2012

From stardust to stardust


You and I were one and the same
we started as parts of the whole
different expressions 
of the same molecules and atoms,
even on opposite poles
and on different stratums,
in this session
of time, place and space
we just became.

But I am still you
and you are still me
we still are part of the whole
and that will always be.
That awareness we call soul
we share that too.
I am still you
and you are still me
and that will always be.

From stardust we start 
this journey of life,
 first breath to first love,
 joy to pain,
 harmony to strife
 and back again.
 Our purpose in our heart,
 finally back to out start.
 We are stardust once again.

Make this journey back to stardust
one of love and joy.
Cruelty makes no sense 
it has no recompense. 
Be gentle and loving
forgiving and accepting
remember my friend to trust
that we are both 
destined to return to stardust


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