Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I really don't know why momma and daddy keep checking on me. I am fine.  I showed them that yesterday... I ate, played like a crazy girl and attempted to corner a squirrel and almost got the bushy tailed rat!. But that woman stalked me until I pooped, then she ran inside grabbed a plastic bag, took my poop and sealed it into the bag. I don't judge her. She is momma. But even by momma standards... that's pretty weird.  Then she ran to my dogtor with the bag. Of poop. I am shaking my head. What did Dr K ever to do her to deserve poop? What will he do with it?  Humans. They are all crazy. Well, this morning, at this ungodly hour, momma got showered and dressed and she says she will leaving us with the dad for the day. More crazies at my house. Wonder if I should expect more bagged poo. Whatever... oh I get to go for a ride to drop off the momma. Good, more sleep coming my way.... later everyone. Thank you for worrying about me. I guess all that yellow vomit was really scary.

 I am really ok.


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Tucker said...

oh i is glad you are ok. Momma had to take my poops to the vet when I was a baby cause she couldn't figure out I had chicken intollerance.....

woof - Tucker