Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some announcements.

The winner of the beautiful Pam Byron Bichon Pillow is Norma Loftus of Rome, NY!
Congratulations, Norma! You are the envy of several hundred people.
The winners of the cheesecake... for the third year in a row, were Marsha and Sam Hord. They tell us they are enjoying it while the rest of us,  "swallor hard" since we were left salivating...
Now... did you happen to notice that there were a lot of pictures of me in the slide presentation?  know why?  I KNOW HOW TO POSE. I do not run away, pretend to melt into my seat or beg not to be photographed.  {Giving the smirk here you know who you are, all of you....are you blushing yet?}.  For next year, here is what I need you to do.
1. Get in front of a mirror
2. Look at yourself and tell yourself you are beautiful. I said so. I am right.
3. Now practice a few looks. You know... 
TIGRE a la Zoolander. Or some Blue Steel... Magnum me! Ferrari me!!! Anything!!!
Down the nose, a la  Naomi Campbell, Put down that cell phone..... NOW.
Do the   Adriana Lima  pout.   I get a lot of grift with this one because of my perfect underbite. It makes them ohhh. Then I get what I want. Try that.
 I took advantage of the wind and did my best Alessandra Ambrosio.
That wind blown pic? Pure Alessandra... I practiced! Like it?

You guys have so many yummy models you can imitate. Pick one! Travis Fimmel me!
Slay me with a little Jason Shaw, ok ok, tantalize me with a hint of Marcus Schenkenberg- I said HINT- keep your pants on!  But you get the idea.

All I now is, when I see that camera, I drop my exterior shell and let it look deep into my doggy soul and voila`, my profile shots, my 3/4 shots, all perfect.

Oh yes, Auntie Lisa. There are NO BAD pictures of me, just bad photographers. So, practice. It's the only way to get to Carnegie Hall.

Sucking my cheeks, doing the skinny face a la Claudia. Ohh I am goood... Next year, we take no excuses. Momma said so. 
Later dahrlings.


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