Friday, April 15, 2011

Because you asked

Well our own little sickies report...

I am fine. My every spring urkas, have been resolved. That gorgonzola pill delivery system is genius. And the yogurt really helped. Whatttt? I like Greek yogurt and I specially like it when served with local honey. I am still picky about my food choices, but I tell you what... NOOOOO bank treats for moi.

JD. Slept well, ate well, no real sign of anything. He is moving well and not vocalizing pain/rage and he is not trying to chew off anything. We have no idea what caused yesterday's incident and we are just watching. Dr K pressed on his back... nothing... could it be a muscle??? We have no idea. But boy did he mobilize the momma and the daddy! Those two got dressed and to the dogctor in ....3 minutes! Impressive. That boy is very verbal. And what was interesting was JD's willingness to go with Jennifer at the dogtor's office. It was like "Hey , let's do this, fix me!"...

Momma, destitched, still bruised, and still icky, she moves a little funny still, but did I tell you about the incredible long belly rubs I have been getting??? OMD we are talking 2 hrs of pure bliss. I mean what is she going to do, walk away from me? Hahahahahaha. If you are given lemons... make lemonade... [ick. I tried it once, double ick]

So that's this morning's status report for my crew. How are you?

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